My Happiness Project: March

“Gardening – read, learn, prep for spring. Composting included.”

That is what I wrote in the March slot for my year of learning new things, trying new habits, and developing new behaviors.

How did I accomplish this task? I read about half of a handout on lawns in Southeast Alaska from a University program handout. This means I read less than two pages of text the entire month! This was done on a plane with plenty of time to finish that handout and read one other I had brought along with me.

I thought about doing more. But I was completely unmotivated. Or, really, I was just uninterested.

Time is a finite resource. I like learning new things, but learning how to garden in Southeast Alaska is daunting to me. Plus, it is more than just knowing how, but spending time doing it. I have lots of things to do with my time right now, and through my ‘project’ in the Month of March, I learned more concretely that gardening is not something that I am interested in adding right now. When I can get to the soil, I will pick up some seeds to plant. I will tend to things that grow (the best I know how). I will put compostbles in the container I purchased last year and hope it turns to something useable (I’m not sure I am doing it properly). And my husband will continue to mow our lawn that is mostly moss. We would like to landscape both the front and back of our house, but we lack inspiration for what to do and I think it is unlikely that we will put it high on our priority list for at least one more summer. In this way, I think I will continue moving forward and learning, but very, very slowly; which is okay with me right now.

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