Heal Yourself By Yourself

I am currently on my way home from a wonderful and exciting weekend in Miami at the yearly conference for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition – where I trained to be a health coach.

One of the most inspiring reminders over the weekend is just how amazing our human bodies are. As most people, I want to be thinner, and I want to be stronger (and I think that’s okay to strive for, to want continual growth) but this body that I have right this minute, and the human body in general, is absolutely amazing! I must be so thankful for it! Our bodies have  a phenomenal ability to take care of themselves if given the opportunity.

I was reminded of this when Deepak Chopra spoke about how amazing it is on a universal level that we exist at all. That was inspiring, but also hard to grasp. But it really struck home when Dr. Shaunna Menard told us the story of her father.

Dr. Shaunna is a trained doctor, and she worked as a radiologist for many years. But then she trained as a health coach and has been working with clients in that realm for many years. A few years ago her father had a stroke. He was in a comma. Radiologists looked over the brain scans with her and told her that there was nothing they could do to help him. She agreed with them and recognized that as doctors there was nothing they could do. There was no medicine, no surgery, no other proven procedure that could bring him back. But she also knew that with anti inflammatory nutrients and other nutrient dense foods (to the extent he could be fed them), and with love, touch, hope and care, he might just have a chance. She dove in and did all she could to get him whatever his body might need. 35 days later he walked out of the hospital and continues to thrive today.

Given the opportunity, his amazing body was able to heal itself.

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