Don’t abandon healthy forms of movement while traveling : A few simple tips.

Travel can cause a ruckus to any exercise routine. Here are some simple tips to keep you moving when away from home.

If you have a fitness routine at home, it can be difficult to keep it up when traveling, whether for work or pleasure. [If you do NOT have a home workout routine, these tips will still help, and also make sure to check out the final paragraph where I link up to my free guide to boost productivity through movement].

Whether you enjoy the break from your routine on vacation, or dislike the feeling of not exercising, continuing to incorporate movement of any kind into your travels can be easy, add fun adventure, and add to your overall feeling of well-being. Obviously there are endless factors that will impact what you can and cannot do based on where you are, but here are a few tips to think about the next time you are away.

  1. Walk. When on vacation, you likely have more time in your days and can walk more. That may be built into your trip (walking city’s to visit museums for example), but if not, can you make an effort to walk a little further between destinations? Can you get up a little early than others in your group, or even with others, to go for a walk before the rest of your day begins? Even on a work trip perhaps you also have more time without the same demands as you have at home, can you use a little time at the beginning or end of the day to walk more and see the place where you are visiting? Getting out in the early morning as a town begins to wake up can be a great way to explore a new area and see things you might not otherwise. For an added bonus, when walking, vary your pace a bit. Use landmarks to go faster and get your heart rate up for a bit, and then go back to a more moderate pace to the next chosen landmark (alternating approximately every 1 to 3 minutes). This increase/decrease has added benefits to your fitness than a constant pace, even if it’s constant at a higher pace.
  2. Ride. Can you incorporate sightseeing by bike into a trip? I know someone who’s employer allowed them to rent a bike instead of a car on a work trip, and many cities now have bike rentals that you pick up on one street and drop off at another.
  3. Fitness centers. Then of course is the hotel fitness center if you are at a hotel. Some are much better than others, but most every place has something you could use. Even just getting in there for 10 minutes before you start your day can give a good heart rate boost that will have you feeling better, and you will likely be happy that you made the effort. These often have at least a treadmill, elliptical machine, and a stationary bike. But they will also have weights. If you travel a lot, it would be worthwhile to develop a routine that is either entirely body weight that you could do in any room where you are staying, or mostly body weight that you could utilize the fitness centers for. There are many routines you can find online. My current favorite resource for ideas is Dr. Jordan Metzl’s Workout Prescription.
  4. Anything else. Movement is great, whatever type and form it is. Whatever the form of movement, count it, rather than feeling ‘bad’ if you are not following your typical workout routine at home. Life requires flexibility, and you will be more likely to return to your home workout routine if you do not move at all on vacation and then feel badly about it. Do what you can, have compassion with yourself if doing what you can is lacking from what you think you should be doing, and then return to your routine when you return home.

Don’t have a home workout routine? I recently published my free guide titled Let’s Get Moving: A Simple Guide to Boost Productivity Through Movement. It is a guide specifically for busy attorneys who have not found the time to fit any movement into their days because of the demands of work and family. I will show you why it is important, how it can be done simply and quickly, and how that effort will ultimately boost your overall productivity. Download your free copy (and sign up for my free monthly newsletter) here.

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