30 Weeks to Awesome.


I believe the best way to get healthier is to make small changes that are easy for you to make. These are the changes you will stick with, and over time will lead to major, lasting changes in your overall health. I also take a broad view of health. My business name is SCERF, which stands for Self-Care, Career, Exercise, Relationships, and Food. I think all of these aspects to health are interrelated and important to consider when viewing where you are now, and where you want to be. This book incorporates these principles, prompting you to focus on one small goal each week for thirty weeks.

Here is what others are saying about 30 Weeks to Awesome:

30 Weeks to Awesome is a wonderful way to get yourself onto the road towards a healthy lifestyle. This book has easy to digest, actionable steps with plenty of space to record and reflect on healthy changes you are making in your life. Elizabeth’s hands-on approach and simple to follow instructions make it user friendly for everyone. It’s definitely worth trying out!

~ Alasen Zarndt, postpartum nutrition coach, http://www.yournutritiondoula.com

This program left me feeling energized and much more mindful of my choices. Some lessons already really resonated with me, while some were much harder. Making progress on the harder ones was (and is) the most rewarding to me…even today, now that I’ve finished the formal program. I love that the program doesn’t really end, you take it with you and keep making progress towards the vision you set for yourself…one mindful choice at a time.

~Kari Fenske, Fisheries Biologist

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