Who I work with?

[If you are in Juneau, Alaska and you are interested in upleveling your health but do not fit in one of the below categories, do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation. I am very interested in supporting this community, and if we are a good fit, I will make sure that we find a way to work together.]

I work with attorneys and other busy professionals who want to uplevel their health so that they have more energy throughout their day to do the things that matter most to them. I help individuals find time to take care of themselves by eating well, moving, and addressing areas in their lives that might be holding them back. As an attorney myself, I understand the particular demands of the work, and I am aware that many of us do not take good care of ourselves. While I do not currently practice law, I have nothing against the profession. It was a personal decision and my focus is on helping you find a work life balance that works for you, hopefully while staying in your chosen profession.

Additionally, I am gluten intolerant and can help others navigate gluten free eating. If your doctor has told you to avoid gluten, or if you have a gluten allergy or are gluten intolerant, I can help you navigate through changes to enjoy the abundant wealth of healthy, whole, gluten-free foods available.

Finally, as a long-distance triathlete, I can help other athletes fuel their pursuits for optimum health both during exercise, and I think even more importantly, during the rest of life. I take a very clean and low added sugar approach during exercise as well as pre- and post. If you are a current or future triathlete, I also publish a daily blog post and would love to have you join me there!

If this sounds right for you, the best way to discover whether you would like to work with me is to do a free health history consultation. Contact me and we can set up a time soon!

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