Purely Pampered: Six Month Individualized Coaching Program PLUS

Are you fed up with dieting and truly ready to transform your life? This program provides the maximum support from your personal health consultant for an entire six months, with coaching sessions every other week AND an hour per week to talk with me, when you need it. Would it help to reach out to someone when you are stuck and reaching for the box of oreos? Or to receive a text at the time that you want to get out for your daily walk? Would it help to have someone call B.S. when you think that you cannot leave for a 15 minute walk at lunch because you are too busy at work – or simply to bounce that decision off of your own personal health coach?

Things will change. Only sign up if you are ready!

What you get; everything that is part of the six-month program, PLUS:

  • A book to assist with your journey. This will be personally chosen by your health coach at some time during the six months to fit best with you.
  • Access to my growing library of health books and videos. If you are out of town, you can select one book at a time and I will ship them to you and cover return postage.
  • A binder (to keep your handouts), a journal (to mark your progress, take notes, etc), and a pen.
  • Up to one hour per week of other coaching assistance or accountability. This could be by phone, text, or email – what you need and when you need it. Find yourself halfway through a box of oreos? Give me a call and let’s talk through what’s going on. Unsure what caused gas or bloating? Maybe together we can pinpoint the cause and figure out what is next. Purchase a new type of vegetable but unsure how to cook it? Give me a call. Want to show off your family dinner? Awesome! I would love to see it!

Your commitment, in addition to what’s required for the six-month program:

  • A financial investment of $3240 (+ tax). Can be billed monthly.
    • This is the long term investment in your health. It is education, accountability, and change in one package. Think of the money you will save in the long run on health care costs, not to mention your increased level of happiness and increased energy. The benefit of better health is priceless.
  • To get the most out of the program, you must be ready for transformation! Ready to take your health to the next level? This program is for you!

Next Step: sign up for your free, no obligation, health consultation! This is the first step for any program, so if you are unsure which program to sign up for, start here. You have nothing to lose and a life of health to gain. Contact Liz Smith at (907) 957-6914 or Liz@SCERF.com with your availability to schedule your initial health consultation. Appointments are generally Sunday-Tuesday, but other times are possible.