Three Programs. Three levels of investment in time and money each with its unique value towards better health.

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Every 1:1 program is personalized. If neither fits for you, they could be modified if something is a better fit for you and your health coach.

30 Day Wellness Foundation (2)
Build your healthy wellness foundation in just 30 days with one lesson delivered to your inbox each day. Lessons include a small daily action item. These add up over time and you will not believe the changes that will take place in just one month.
3 month
This is a personalized one-on-one coaching program. It includes 12 coaching sessions over approximately 6 months. We will explore your health goals and I will help you with a plan to achieve them. You may be surprised about what’s holding you back and what you can accomplish with a personal coach.
Purely pampered
Ready to totally transform your health? This program provides the ultimate accountability for transformation. In addition to 50 minute meetings every other week, you will have an hour each week to call upon your health coach. This could be for a reminder, talking through something on a walk, or talking through a decision that you know could end poorly. Or perhaps you want extra help with figuring out food prep, shopping and recipes. That can be done as well. Think of this as having a health sidekick.